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About Al Mizan

Al Mizaan Leadership Academy provides inclusive Islamic education and leadership skills that empower youth to be future leaders in their homes and communities.

Al Mizaan was created in 2011 through the Islamic Center of Morrisville to provide a unique and close-knit weekend learning environment for kids in the local Muslim community. The underlying goal is to educate youth about important Islamic teachings and Quranic Arabic and allow them to connect this knowledge to the way they live their daily lives at home and in school. The curriculum is designed to provide students with information and tools and guidance about Islamic topics and encourage them to translate this knowledge and skills into meaningful action.


Almizan strives to create the next generation of American Muslim Leaders. 

Quranic Arabic

Understanding the text of the Quran.

Quran Memorization

We aspire to create the next generation of Hafiz to spread the message of the Quran. 


Our students learn the principles of oneness with Allah


Learning the prophet’s life to understand for  the core fabric of Islam

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Inshallah your support will facilitate the continued development of a long line Of mature, responsible and active Muslim youth leader. Continued growth will require increased use of banquet hall and safe playground areas for kids

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